Sunday, July 5, 2009


I just have to tell you this little story about my 3 year old granddaughter. I call her "rosebud". Her parents usually call her Ra Ra. She is the cutest thing I ever saw. She is very tall for her age and speaks so clearly. What I get tickled is that her comprehension is so well developed. As I will show you she understands just how to use words. A few days ago she and her mother were on their way home from shopping and Ra Ra started saying "Mom" wanting to talk to her mother.
But her mother was on the cell phone and kept saying "just a minute". Ra Ra kept getting louder and louder. MOM, MOM. Finally her mom hung up and asked what Ra Ra wanted. She answered loudly, "Mom, you just PI**ed me off." Her mom said she stopped her car in a hurry to "fix" the problem........ but Ra Ra was so upset she didn't talk to her mom for about 30 min......... and we have no idea where that all came from, except she does go to pre school day care..........She is really a sweet little girl, and that makes it more humorous to me. But then I am a

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