Saturday, July 4, 2009


The abstract side of my brain was much stronger than the concrete side. I was the child with ADD before it was discovered. My imagination would steam ahead of my reasoning. I grew up in southern California where ice skating was a dream or something to see at the movies. I was about 8 or 9 and I REALLY wanted to ice skate. We lived with my grandparents at the time while my dad was overseas in the Navy. We had a concrete front porch about 12 X 14 and it was a great place to play. I decided we could ice skate on the porch. So I requested my neighborhood friends to bring all the crisco or shortening they could sneak out of their houses to my front porch. We smeared all we had on the concrete and it made a terrific skating rink......... Until my grandfather came home....... WOW did I get into trouble that time. But we really had fun while it lasted.. p.s my grandmother saved my butt that day!!!!

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